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Oriental wealth characteristics of service
      Professional Finance: The first batch of sales organizations approved by the SFC
      Safe Money Management: Minsheng Bank supervision, access to funds with the card
      Popular funds
      More than 4,000 funds, purchase discount rate of 1 fold
      • China Merchants card liquor index gradingNearly a year85.03%
      • Easy Fonda consumer industryNearly a year71.64%
      • Cathay Pacific Internet + stockNearly a year73.18%
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      Stock name Quote change Concerned about the shares
      BOE A3.77%attention
      Jiangnan Jiajie-0.99%attention
      China safe0.82%attention
      Square big carbon0.32%attention
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      Rich countryman strong 9999Active friendsattention
      Yin Chen XiangActive friendsattention
      Polar bear on the 1stActive friendsattention
      Shanghai commonerActive friendsattention
      Dragon King 8Active friendsattention
      Combinations of names Daily earnings 5 days revenue 20 days revenue Total revenue Focus on the portfolio
      Dark horse mm14.14%47.14%58.76%19.43%attention
      888888 ah ...14.03%11.94%11.77%11.77%attention
      dfgrfdrg ...12.69%22.25%22.25%22.25%attention
      Analyst Latest index 3 months earnings 6 months earnings 12 months earnings Track stocks
      Chen Zhixu1564.8256.48%56.48%56.48%Poly Real Estate
      Zhou Jiong2926.3343.64%47.55%38.69%Rongsheng development
      Zhou Han1413.4441.34%41.34%41.34%Poly Real Estate
      Flat sea celebration2299.9738.73%38.73%38.73%Metro Holdings
                              Data date
                              Friday, January 19, 2018
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                              Continuous suspension197 Family
                              Today new suspension6 Family
                              Resume trading today9 Family
                              Performance report1 Family
                              Performance notice17 Family
                              Dividend increase5 Family
                              New shares subscription0 Family
                              In the payment1 Family
                              IPO1 Family
                              Private placement3 Family
                              Additional plans12 Family
                              Shares listed37 Family
                              Equity registration40 Family
                              Shareholders' General Meeting Held32 Family
                              Internet voting32 Family
                              Asset restructuring 38 Family
                              Asset acquisition4 Family
                              Share pledge26 Family
      name Latest price Quote change The main net inflow
      1BOE A6.644.40%706 million
      2Industrial Bank18.671.58%192 million
      3Tung Wah Group of software9.267.55%106 million
      4China Merchants Bank32.992.07%103 million
      5HTC Electronics33.1010.00%97.43 million
      6Baosteel Co., Ltd.9.412.06%91.86 million
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      name Quote change Lead stocks Quote change
      2Shipbuilding2.05%Tianhai defense4.98%
      3bank2.01%Zhangjiagang line10.04%
      4software service0.91%N Austrian fly44.02%
      5Telecom operations0.84%Dr. Peng1.08%
      Fund theme
      Thematic investment programs to help you grasp the investment opportunities
      Do you think Friday (January 19) the broader market trend will be?
      rise Consolidation Fall

      name Latest price Quote change Turnover
      1N Austrian fly26.1444.02%53,400
      2000 Hing Technology26.219.99%23,600
      3Macalline17.8210.00%172 thousand
      4Debang shares9.289.95%282,100
      5Westling Power24.7310.01%183,000
      Hit a new fund
      Can not hit the new shares, buy a new fund
      name Latest price Quote change Turnover
      1N Austrian fly26.1444.02%53,400
      2Wan Ma technology33.3910.02%400 million
      3Andavel29.3510.01%99.89 million
      4Westling Power24.7310.01%183,000
      5Stone Technology52.9710.01%107 million
      GEM fund
      Nuggets high-quality growth stocks GEM
      name Latest price Quote change Turnover
      1Yi Jian Technology19.000.00%1045 million
      2Baoyuan biological10.000.00%5.52 million
      3Into the big creatures16.020.63%389 thousand
      4Blue Ocean Technology13.000.00%372 million
      5United Securities1.95-0.51%348 million
      QDII is preferred
      The optimal allocation of global assets, investment without borders
      Subscription day Purchase code Short form of new shares Issue price Issue price-earnings ratio Payment date
      01-23300739Ming Yang circuit22.3022.9901-25
      01-23732516Chun technology19.6422.9901-25
      01-23732506Nandu property16.2517.8901-25
      01-24002926Huaxi Securities--01-26
      01-17780838Chengdu Bank6.997.6001-19
      01-16300737Section Shun shares9.9522.9801-18
      date Stock name Transfer method Circulating shares Total share capital Industry
      01-04Phaeton technologyprotocol5775 million106.51 millionBasic Chemical Industry
      01-04Longhua Chemicalprotocol-32 million
      01-04Guangzhou Golden Airprotocol-30 million
      01-04Venture mappingprotocol-10 million
      date name Additional price Additional quantity Price-earnings ratio Discount premium rate
      01-18Han and Tang dynasties4.6034 million910.0345.57%
      01-18Spring shares2.87488 million52.8229.28%
      01-18West surplus technology5.002.7 million26.29-
      01-18East Tin fashion10.0025 million75.84-20.00%
      • VC / PE investment details
      date name Investment agency investment amount Price per share
      01-18Rui Jiang YunGuangdong Guangdong Choi venture ...2000000025.00
      01-16Yi can reachJiangsu Province High-tech ...--
      01-03Safety and environmental protectionShenzhen Innovation Investment ...--
      date name Types of
      01-182018 · CBEC · AI · ...Forum
      01-18The third Chinese consumer gold ...Forum
      01-19Nutritional group, precision camp ...Industry Conference
      01-19United States: University of Michigan ...Economic data
      01-20The thirteenth China listed ...Forum
      01-202018 artificial intelligence and big ...Forum
      Code name Latest Price (USD) Quote change
      RCONResearch and control technology2.8925.11%
      CNTFTektronix fly stone3.0822.22%
      ALNGreen Run Group0.2821.74%
      LITBOrchid Pavilion set potential2.4012.68%
      Quantitative fund
      Quantified investment, refining number into gold